After a fun couple of years with Impact, Chelsea Green signed with WWE in 2018. Her run included some time in the NXT Women’s title picture and an appearance in the Royal Rumble, but also injury (breaking her wrist not once but twice) and lots of changing plans. She eventually was released in 2021, a casualty of one of the company’s several pandemic era cuts.

During a return to Impact, she won the Knockouts Tag titles alongside Deonna Purrazzo. But WWE remained her dream. So after Triple H took over as Chief Creative Officer last summer, Green asked for what she wanted.

She told Ryan Satin the story on Out of Character:

“I texted [Triple H] and I said, ‘I want my job back.’ He said, ‘Okay, call me.’ I was shocked. ‘I want to comeback to WWE. My story is not finished.’ On that phone call, he said, ‘I absolutely would love to have you back. You just tell me when is a good time for you to start.”

Jokes about Chelsea’s current WWE act as a “Karen” aside, she was just advocating for herself. A self-care skill she doesn’t understand why others don’t utilize.

“At the end of the day, why are we embarrassed to ask for things? I will never understand that. I had asked to work for WWE probably 100 times. I’m not embarrassed about that one bit. I have my dream job, I’m doing exactly what I want. I get to help give my family what they want. I get to feed my amazing animals and live in Florida. Why would I be embarrassed that I had to ask somebody for that? I got it. I have no problem asking for it now, just like I had no problem asking for my very first tryout in 2014 and when they didn’t give it to me, you best believe I asked for it eight more times until they gave me that damn tryout.”

Speaking up for herself got Green a job, and on Monday she’ll have a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag titles with Sonya Deville.

What are you waiting for?

H/t Fightful for transcription

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