Kevin Owens is hurt on WWE SmackDown, which may affect his chances of winning a championship.

The star appeared on the blue brand to confront Logan Paul after the latter announced that there would be a tournament to decide the next challenger for the United States Championship. With Owens a part of the tournament, he decided to let his intentions be known by getting in Paul's face.

However, he also has other stars to worry about, with Grayson Waller and Austin Theory trying to attack him. He ended up having a match with Waller soon after.

Unfortunately, Waller targeted Kevin Owens' hand during the match and appeared to be focused on breaking it. Over the last few weeks, he has made it a point to take out Waller and Theory with his punches, and it appeared that Grayson was trying to take revenge.

At one point, the attacks on the hand paid off, and it seemed it might be broken. The SmackDown commentary team said the same and also mentioned that the doctors at ringside were worried about his injury.

Kevin Owens was still able to get a roll-up win, but with the win came the cost of his hand being hurt. The star cradled it and seemed in pain the whole time.

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