Meet the Mets

The Mets lost 3-2 to the Cardinals yesterday, but saw an encouraging performance from Luis Severino in his spring training debut.

Various Mets pitchers spoke about the team’s new pitching lab and the notes they received after using it.

Christian Scott, Mike Vasil, and Dominic Hamel have all bonded with each other as they’ve progressed through the minor league system together.

Darryl Strawberry is rooting for Pete Alonso to have a big season ahead of free agency.

Trayce Thompson is usually outshined by his NBA brother Klay, but he’s making a splash thus far in spring training.

Blade Tidwell gave up three runs in yesterday’s game, and he also had an awkward play at first base with Alonso.

Around the National League East

Reigning MVP Ronald Acuña Jr. was scratched from Friday’s lineup due to right knee soreness, and was subsequently sent to a doctor for further evaluation.

The Good Phight examined each of the players who will make up the Phillies infield in 2024.

Catching prospect Will Banfield has impressed some people with the Marlins and is hoping to get a chance to play for the big league team.

How is the Nationals’ opening day roster shaping up?

Around Major League Baseball

Another one of the top free agents left on the market has finally signed, as Matt Chapman has signed a three-year deal (with opt-outs after each year) with the Giants.

Rather than continuing to shrink the pitch clock, many MLB players would like to see the league attempt other methods to shorten the length of games.

Amidst the uniform fiasco, Fanatics CEO MIchael Rubin insists that the company has done everything that’s been asked of it.

The bigger issue than the quality of the uniforms is the lack of trust that exists between the league and its players.

Who could be some of the next Japanese ace pitchers who make their way to the states?

Yesterday at Amazin’ Avenue

David Capobianco looked at the new and (hopefully) improved Sean Manaea.

This Date in Mets History

Tom Seaver famously was drafted by the Braves and not the Mets, but his initial deal with Atlanta was voided by MLB commissioner William Eckert on this date in 1966.

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