In 1981, Dusty Baker and Steve Garvey played critical roles for the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series. Despite having won one of the hardest trophies there is together, the pair now find themselves on opposite sides of the political divide, more than 40 years later.

Recently, Baker came out in support of congresswoman Barbara Lee, who will be running as a Democrat against Garvey's Republican ticket in November. With the endorsement, Baker joins a growing number of former MLB names who have come out in opposition to Garvey's bid.

"#mlb #SFGiants. Former San Francisco Giants manager Dusty Baker endorses Rep. Barbara Lee over his Dodgers teammate for California Senate, supported by other ex-MLB players with Oakland A's connections. Baker and Dave Stewart's endorsements are..." - MLB Digest

Dave Stewart, who also played on the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers, has also come out in support of Barbara Lee, who currently represents an Oakland district in the House of Representatives. Garvey faces an uphill battle, and would become the first Republican Senator elected in California since 1988 if he is successful in his bid.

Recent polls have seen Garvey leading the race's former frontrunner, US Representative Adam Schiff. A former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff has been a vocal opponent of former President Donald Trump. To date, Steve Garvey has been non-committal regarding his relationship with the controversial former president.

"Ex-MLB great Steve Garvey leads Adam Schiff in California Senate race. Will California finally elect a conservative?" - TaraBull

Six months separate the births of Garvey and Baker, who are said to be friends despite the political differences. A native of Riverside, California, Baker embarked on a successful career as manager after his playing days, leading the Houston Astros to a World Series win in 2022.

Dusty Baker's new role means Steve Garvey's Senate race matters more

Having taken up an advisory role with the San Francisco Giants, Baker is back in California after two decades working with teams outside of the state. As such, as a California resident, he has special stake in the upcoming election.

As for Steve Garvey, the polls are placing him in a better position than any California Senate candidate has been in decades. Despite a plethora of teammates coming out in support of the opposition, Garvey's path to victory appears to be as clear as it has yet been in this exciting race.

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